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Our members support businesses and public institutions with identifying and implementing appropriate energy efficiency solutions.

DECA's aim is to improve the framework conditions for energy efficiency, to inform customers about service offerings, to contribute to quality assurance and to promote the further development of high-quality energy efficiency services on the Austrian market – where there are not only technical, but also economic, ecological and social aspects included.

DECA - Dienstleister Energieeffizienz und Contracting Austria) can be translated to Service Provider Energy Efficiency and Contracting Austria. 

Austria has been active in transnational EU-projects!

"Austria is one of the most advanced energy service markets in Europe. With estimated 250 EPC projects since the middle of the nineties this form of energy services has been particularly successful. DECA, the Austrian Association of Energy Service Providers, gathers about 30 energy service companies, which represent different branches of origin (EPC providers, utilities, technology suppliers, building service companies, energy consultants etc.). Although compared to most other EU countries energy services are well-known many customers still react with reluctance as soon as they get energy services offered because they have difficulties to separate “good-quality” from “bad-quality” offers. Therefore, a set of Quality Criteria was defined and operationalised by assessment variables." (from Transparense, Quality Certification for EPC services - Case Studies from AT and CZ, 2014)

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